Matthew’s thoughts

Big Picture: parents, community and educators

Now is the time to collectively renew our sense of trust, pride, hope, opportunity, and unity, for our children, teachers, and community. Together we take up the essential attitude of “whatever it takes” and shine a guiding light into each child’s future. It makes sense that it takes an all-In effort to be successful. It is not just our educators who make that difference but, each person of the community should begin to ask themselves, “can I personally make a difference?” To achieve unity and congruency in our community we can encourage, implement, grow and compliment educational and extra curricular programs. In and apart from WCSD there are ideas and people, waiting in the wings to serve needs, solve problems and add value in various ways. We will empower our precious teachers to use their creativity, experience, studies, gifts and passions, to inform and enhance curriculum, discover how to instruct and teach each child singularly how to learn and not just how to pass a standardized test. Washoe County is marked by each invaluable and unique contribution, achievement or idea from our educators, students and community as together we leave no stone unturned or child left behind. The spirit of unity and common good in the community and the service to preserve its beauty is priceless. We each ask ourselves, “ do I have the passion, competency and capacity to make a unique positive difference?” Complimenting and employing various community youth programs will be essential in empowering a healthy community to make a lasting impact. 

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