Opportunity for the Washoe County Student

Opportunity for the future K-12

Of course we need to teach children core curriculum, but there is more it doesn’t stop there! A child’s future, emotional and interpersonal growth is also very important. Older children need purpose, direction and helpful guidance towards their future.
By integrating into enrichment, home room and seminar courses two systems, we can achieve this. “Future Finder and “Student Focus”. “Future finder” which would incrementally help students identify their own unique strengths, abilities and future plan as well as guide them to it. “Student Focus” where in tandem this other critical student focused program would build the students emotional health, emotional intelligence, interpersonal growth, respect for themselves, for their teachers, and for others while helping them manage stress.

These initiatives will help students find traction and purpose, will help them believe in themselves and build empathy while curbing student emotional issues, reducing physical and cyber bullying by student self examination. Children built with solid direction can then propagate themselves from a foundation in a clear direction. With this better understanding of themselves, the student is informed well to decide if after graduation: further education, trade school, internships or certifications will work for them. It will also inform them which occupational or elective courses would serve them best along the way towards their goal.

Further, we could ask professionals, institutions and industries, to come into schools physically or virtually and meet with student groups with like-minded interests to help answer questions and help guide the students area of interest as identified. Using student, parent, teacher, counselor interactive software, together little by little, from k-12 we inquire, we identify, discover, encourage and reveal to the student their shining light as a beacon to know and unlock their potential and realize their inherent gifts. We will help them achieve their dreams and direction as they discover their future. 

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Hello Matthew,
Are you the Matthew Montognese running for Washoe County School Board Trustee District E against Angie Taylor? I’m working in compiling a list of Washoe County Candidates with their websites. If you are the candidate, is the the website you are using for your candidacy?

Yes, I am running for District E and the incumbent is Angie Taylor. This is my candidacy website “still a bit in the launch phase”, but will be more complete soon. Thank you for your interest.

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