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Chat With A Retired Principal & Educator

Today I had a chat with a retired educator.

We discussed the burden our teachers hold. He said anything more added to the teachers is too much. I agreed and suggested we need to relieve the burden. We must understand what isn’t working. Too much testing? Ineffective programs or initiatives? Teachers can tell us what these are.

I discussed with him my idea to lesson these burdens by invigorating and motivating students to believe in themselves; to ignite the fire and desire they need to trust and appreciate their education. We also spoke about how the environment outside of school can be very difficult for students, but what is learned in school including academia, character and motivation is something that transcends many years of a child’s life and is more powerful than any temporary circumstance. Role play will be a vital tool that can be used to bring awareness to key issues! We agreed parents, community and the district must be unified once again and how valuable this is. At this discussion, he said, “I’m softened“ and I could tell he was excited as he thanked me for running.

Dear teachers,

Thank you now and before, your lasting impressions strengthens and adds value to our lives!


Your students

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