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Visit to Montello and Fife area 6/20

I am truly humbled by the rich character and true concern I was met with by the residents near Traner and Glenn Duncan schools, doing what’s right, community and character is very important to this community, I can’t wait to go back.

Matthew’s thoughts

The Wheels On The Bus

The wheels on the bus must go round, but if the big yellow bus is broken down, better not load it up ‘til the vital parts are found: 

1-Motivation for Students and focus on student need: a meaningful intrinsic inspired educational purpose and discovery of self-effacing vigor = CORRECT OCTANE FUEL AND GAGE 

2-Character for Students: empathy, compassion, discipline, strength of the individual, emotional maturity, respect, attitude, civic service and soft skills = BUILT ROADWORTHY TRIED AND TESTED 

3-Community and District Unity: honesty and accountability, good resource stewardship, full of support, volunteers, connections, reciprocal relationship and cooperation = ALL VEHICLE SYSTEMS WORKING TOGETHER 

4-Future for Students: achievable goal, hope, and belief for success, a plan for each student and economics for life skills = A ROAD MAP AND DESTINATION 

5-Empowering Teachers & Safe Schools: educators heard, fair compensation, appreciated, respected and teaching without handcuffs and schools without abusive behavior between students or to the teacher = SAFE TERRAIN FOR UNDISTRACTED DRIVERS 

Thank you for your support!