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My family out and about in the community placing signs in District E. During our journey we visited W. 7th and Keystone and then traveled to visit our friends by Traner MS and Glenn Duncan. We had ice cream and finished up in Panther Valley, Golden Valley and Parr Blvd. Family is first #1. Our precious families build and unite our communities. Let’s invest in and protect them!   

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Bob Ross

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.” Many of us grew up believing that “talent” is something you either have or you don’t. It’s something some lucky people were born with.

Bob Ross-

Out and about

Fit Learning

I met with the good people of Fit Learning:

The Fit Learning Model isolates core learning skills and trains children to fluency – a measure of true mastery or proficiency. 

Their method is a profoundly lifechanging process that consistently produces 1 to 2 years growth in 40 hours. They make learning effortless for the gifted and talented, average, struggling, or learning disabled in their scientific cognitive learning approach, with a focused class full of joy.

Cognitive Fitness


Matthews thoughts

My biggest personal passionate opinion of the importance of intrinsic motivation of the student is seen here in action and gets the job done. I can see children benefitting in progressing through Fit Learnings program to mastery and then going back to public school or supplemented.

It was great to see a system that assists children, many who may not otherwise get a chance. Allowing for mastery in subject matter is so important, where some children may be forgotten and passed through school without merit, never reaching their goals or potential! 

The WCSD one size fits all approach causes trouble later if we don’t invest now. When a child falls outside the Districts pre-set model, the child is labeled learning disabled. Struggling students or students with autism are boxed without a way out or way to express their value. Marginalized education does not understand fully how to take care of children outside of “the” margin. Instead we realize each child is special and we need reach into that box to find the gold that the child can hold and grow from and I commend this organization.

We need to supplement our schools with programs like this that alleviate the burden on schools by bridging over to external specialists like this if schools are unable to properly assist and get our kids the help or growth they need. We also need to bring back our community programs that strengthen us, this includes each purposeful organization. Community unity and championing innovation.