Who Is Matthew And Why Is He Running For District E Trustee

District E covers up into the boundaries of Hug, TMCC and McQueen High Schools.

“I am running 4 our children, 4 teachers and 4 our community. I am running to represent you.”

  • General background:

Matthew was born and raised in Reno, was a part of the first 7th and 8th grade graduating class that opened up the second from the original location of B.D. Billinghurst, he is a k-12 product of Washoe County schools. He enjoys his wonderful, supportive family, and friends. He cares deeply about the community he lives in, loves all people and wishes to see other WCSD students provided with the same excellent education, fundamental values and unified community that built him.

  • In his Words-

“Home means Nevada”

There is a vested interest I hold in our community. I am a husband to my beautiful wife and a father of three, two are students of the WCSD. I coach little league baseball. I have a passion for and have studied student intrinsic motivation and have seen first hand what a confident purpose driven child looks like while coaching baseball. I know what motivates children as they pursue their interests and goals after discovering their inherent gifts and talents, while understanding they have what it takes. This is the propelling force that motivates children in school, helps them achieve their best and propagates them to their future through challenging academia with a good attitude. I am an outsider in politics, not a scholastic elite, but I carry the common sense our community, possesses and appreciates. Through research, open ears and building bridges, apart from the logical concepts I have already found, I will endeavor to find more solutions, ask more questions and create partnerships that support WCSD to drive results. I am fiscally conservative and will look to hold every dime to a good output. I plan to positively influence the good, for all of our special children in and outside the “margin.”

  • What I have done, my personality and hopes:

I used logic; asking questions through surveys of students and teachers, and then studied to find precedence to answer those questions. Along with my coaching experience, I have been fortunate to find the root cause to our top 5 problems. I am built to find solutions and listen to others genuinely. I have the analytical skills, the open innovative mind, patience, amiability, communication skills, creativity and understand the importance of open, safe dialogue. This open communication from the parent, the teacher and the trust of the district and community is the recipe to solve issues agreeably together, intuitively. I have heard of and observed the problem of parent and community isolation causing more distance between the people that should be united and partnering to support kids. Surreptitious actions and sophistry causes mistrust, this can not be. I will seek out the truth and am guided by my faith, trust, authenticity, integrity, stewardship, transparency, creativity and innovation in action. It’s time to excite and bring our community together. We are in it together and we must find the character and hope that unites us as one community no longer dividing or objectifying one another by group, but harmoniously proud of the many in Washoe County that create our whole with service, opportunity, innovation and purpose.

Matthew wishes to preserve and protect our educational system, teachers, children and communities for the future.

  • Matthew graduated from McQueen:

On graduation day from McQueen HS in 1996, Matthew explained to his schoolmates,  “I want to help the world be a more beautiful place.” Today, he hopes for the opportunity to serve WCSD youth, teachers and the community as your trustee.  He wants to see students find their future through education.

Like others, in high school, he learned the importance of the R.M.A “right mental attitude” from his coach and educator, the late great Ken Dalton. Many other great influences in his life, like coach and educator Ken Cass all taught things that impacted him for life. Matthew says, “Timeless values, ideals and investments that our educators bestow upon us, don’t only shape the singular, but impact our future and community.” 

  • Philosophy and volunteer experience:

Matthew spent a few years volunteering on the Board of Reno American Little League and has coached little league baseball for a span of three years going into his fourth season. As a coach he has seen the raw players walk onto the field unprepared, curious and insecure and has watched them transform. He believes the responsibility in patiently observing and helping each student discover their inherent gifts, traits, potential and talents in the classroom assists them to be successful, just as it does on the field. He adds, “When cared for, the same player who walked in shy, transforms into an energized, excited, confident, and better equipped player.” and “What a joy it is to see the dull glimmer in the child’s eyes turn into a lightning bolt of focused undeniable energy. Like jet propulsion, as they find their gifts, they fuel up and take off.” He believes, “This is not the responsibility of any one person, it’s part of the journey and it takes an amalgamated team effort.”

  • Why I am running:

I Am running for WCSD to be one part of a whole board, entrusted to faithfully serve and sincerely administer for the good of our students, educators and community. Our sacred educational system is our future. I was provided an excellent education here in the Silver State as a youth, it was one of extreme value, which is relevant to my life now. I have a vision shared with many people: to reconnect great communities and help children thrive. “Teachers, parents, and organizations help our children grow and stand strong.” This belief, tireless passion, and care I hold for school aged children’s development, both in the classroom and the field of play, is evident to others. I think whether it is in an algebra class, on a chess table, mechanical-shop, wood-shop, or an art studio a much needed balance is met. “It’s the students self discovery, finding their future in school that motivates positive momentum.” My basic belief is as follows: a young child built up with character through each students own developmental journey and diversity, will be a strong child. Along with helping them understand their own unique value, potential, ability, and future the sky’s the limit. After hearing from WCSD students, motivation is low, I now intensely study demotivating and motivating factors for children in school and the ways to motivate students intrinsically. I will continue, to study our school system, look for ways to improve its value and engage, educators, children, counselors, parents and community leaders for input. Solutions to the problems are available and the determining factors have already been identified through research and precedence and put into practice by others.

  • Educational background, more personality traits and occupation:

Matthew loves and studies the Latin language and speaks some Spanish.

Matthew is a person of logic and common sense. He has worked for a large ISP for 15 years and is a Network Technician, working on complex enterprise topologies and technologies, many that support our community. He is a thinker, has a keen sense for detail and must routinely use his analytical and communication abilities to troubleshoot, maintain, plan, engineer and install critical and complex infrastructure.

In 1997-98 he attended TMCC on a two year fine arts scholarship. Matthew did not seek a degree – read about his educational experience under “AboutMatthew”. Matthew has studied many different information technologies and is CCENT certified. Matthew is on his way to earning his degree of Science and Communication (not including the 2year worth of credits he earned during his scholarship). By his colleagues, Matthew is known as an enthusiastic and passionate person with the drive to contagiously invigorate and teach others. He is also known by his great attitude, his positive and kind demeanor and work ethic. He is a person of great care and an innovative thinker who knows how to make results happen with others.

I want to be your ambassador, your candidate and represent you well. Please consider voting for me District E!

Matthew Montognese

People of the 89503, 89523, 89512, 89439 and 7th ave in 89433, 89506 and 89431, He has been your neighbor for 40 years,