About Matthew

My Educational Journey

My school experience:

I owe where I am to my many teachers throughout my educational experience, as do many others.
At a young age, my imagination was strong as I would be outside for hours thinking and playing. I can still remember the bones of the body from 6th grade and the numerous things taught to me e.g rocks and cloud formations. I was mis-diagnosed with a learning disability and at the same time gifted and talented. (Talk about confused) I didn’t fit in a presupposed standard-sized box like many others who are gifted in some areas and not in others. I was awarded a scholarship for my creative ability, but my analytical interest in “understanding how things work” was misunderstood and my wonder of science was not encouraged or realized.

During college, soon realizing after my 30 credits of unproven purpose, yet valuable education the debt I would incur continuing education could cripple me. After not knowing how my ability and college path was viable towards survival to an unknown job market in my singular areas of study I had to find a plan quickly. I didn’t want to accumulate debt and couldn’t see an occupation that matched my talents and interests. After not finding a viable niche in Arts or Business I then had to seek employment looking for a good paying job while leaving my creative tendencies and inquisitiveness of science behind.
Using my creativity, I found favor serving customers in many capacities to earn a decent paycheck in run of the mill jobs. Through years of diversity, I found a great job. Longing to create during my work, I developed ideas of how to improve my industry, but hadn’t the educational backing to make it happen and create my visions. I carried this longing to create with me until I realized that my other strong suites were communication and science. I could use technology to learn how tech things work and the only way to be given a chance to create and improve upon them would be to know them well.

I have been back in school with a purpose and am just six courses away from my associates degree in communication and science. Unfortunately the 30 credits I had from my early community college studies were lost and I like many others, am now playing catch up.

My wish is to provide students by the time they are graduating high school with a comprehensive idea towards an A, B and C plan of where their gifts and talents can be propagated and celebrated by those like them in their occupational community. Here, students can do what they love to their enjoyment, right out of high school. They can make a meaningful difference in serving the community and bringing themselves a good salary. We can push back mediocrity, melancholy and malaise. This foundation can give the student time to earn money and think about the possibility of further education as they go, not going in debt without a plan.