Matthew’s thoughts

The Wheels On The Bus

The wheels on the bus must go round, but if the big yellow bus is broken down, better not load it up ‘til the vital parts are found: 

1-Motivation for Students: a meaningful self-inspired educational purpose and discovery of self-effacing vigor = CORRECT OCTANE FUEL AND GAGE 

2-Character for Students: empathy, compassion, discipline, strength of the individual, emotional maturity, respect, attitude, civic service and soft skills = BUILT ROADWORTHY TRIED AND TESTED 

3-Community and District Unity: honesty and accountability, good examples, full of support, volunteers, connections, reciprocal relationship and cooperation = ALL VEHICLE SYSTEMS WORKING TOGETHER 

4-Future for Students: achievable goal, hope, and belief for success, a plan for each student and economics for life skills = A ROAD MAP AND DESTINATION 

5-Empowering Teachers & Safe Schools: educators heard, appreciated, respected and teaching without handcuffs and schools without abusive behavior between students or to the teacher = SAFE TERRAIN FOR UNDISTRACTED DRIVERS 

Matthew’s thoughts

C.A.R.E.S Act

The C.A.R.E.S Act is also acting as a much needed boost for our educational system:

  • Nevada will receive $108 million for Education Stabilization, an allocation based on its share of Title 1 for K-12.
  • Nevada will also receive $26.1 million from the Governors’ Emergency Education Relief Grant. 
  • Nevada Higher Education will receive $73.3 million in assistance. 

This is great news for Nevada! 

One way the Washoe County share of the  Emergency Relief Grant could be put to great use: is to support a part of the foundational piece of the physical layer of distance learning; to purchase some of the learning devices students will need.



Matthew’s thoughts

Schools build our community

Our schools build our future community framework and our community is waiting for students to pour back into it. By investing in the whole of our students, we strengthen and improve our quality of life. “It takes the community.”

Matthew’s thoughts

Big Picture: parents, community and educators

Now is the time to collectively renew our sense of trust, pride, hope, opportunity, and unity, for our children, teachers, and community. Together we take up the essential attitude of “whatever it takes” and shine a guiding light into each child’s future. It makes sense that it takes an all-In effort to be successful. It is not just our educators who make that difference but, each person of the community should begin to ask themselves, “can I personally make a difference?” To achieve unity and congruency in our community we can encourage, implement, grow and compliment educational and extra curricular programs. In and apart from WCSD there are ideas and people, waiting in the wings to serve needs, solve problems and add value in various ways. We will empower our precious teachers to use their creativity, experience, studies, gifts and passions, to inform and enhance curriculum, discover how to instruct and teach each child singularly how to learn and not just how to pass a standardized test. Washoe County is marked by each invaluable and unique contribution, achievement or idea from our educators, students and community as together we leave no stone unturned or child left behind. The spirit of unity and common good in the community and the service to preserve its beauty is priceless. We each ask ourselves, “ do I have the passion, competency and capacity to make a unique positive difference?” Complimenting and employing various community youth programs will be essential in empowering a healthy community to make a lasting impact. 

Matthew’s thoughts

A Trustee responsibility

As parents of school aged children and residents of our community, we all appreciate trustees with the chief ideal of service to our children, teachers and the future of our community. A large part of the present and future impact on our schools and community is determined by the decisions and policy our WCSD School Board Trustees set. A trustee is accountable to those who entrusted them.

Matthew’s thoughts

~Help children believe in themselves, in education and through it, find their future~

I believe in the school system and that it should do three things well:

  • Help the student discover who they are, build emotional intelligence, find what invigorates them and their competencies.
  • Teach the student the essential core while meeting or exceeding the standard.
  • Help the student prepare and create a career-path or higher educational goal and acquaint them with the resources to be successful in it.

Through quality educational processes, meeting or exceeding the essential standard core, Federal and State requirements is necessary.
Thrusting student ambition and motivation by a healthy belief in themselves and their unique talents is critical towards intrinsic motivation.

Challenging and encouraging each student in the path of their greatest strength and competency’s, while helping them to the essential core standard in their weakness is only right.
Preparing and familiarizing the student of their future target of: higher learning, occupational/vocational training and or professional certifications will help them avoid confusion, student debt, dropping out of college, malaise, mediocrity and educational melancholy.

With the many resources available, we can, by partnering not just with colleges, but other vocational professionals and occupational industries; positively influence, reveal and introduce the student to the many options available to fit them. Through this program, they discover and choose through ongoing research of themselves, a plan A, plan B, and plan C directional scenario goal and arrive at one before they exit High School, but also with a back up plan. This essential growth from K-12 and vision of purpose will set each student up to find their future.

Through ongoing K-12 interpersonal and interactive courses: help the student, teachers, counselors, and parents (community) discover, the students talents, interests, personality, self-identity, and inherent competence together. And while identifying these qualities and progressively setting supportive goals towards meeting their competencies, success is not far away. As the students arrive in high school, by exploring the many options and opportunities available in alignment to their directional purpose and intrinsic motivators, their purpose comes into focus. Assisting the student towards important milestones, helping them clearly understand their development in the: cognitive, physical and socio-emotional stages is equally important. Exciting each students potential and ability to self-actualize and achieve is the vision. Many students will then stay in our community, serve our community well, just as we serve them well.

We believe each child is endowed with special gifts and inherent talents to be unlocked.