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I met Matthew while I was working, he is a real stand up guy with strong values. I do think he is the person to change the culture of schools and help students succeed. He really is worried about the one and will help everyone. I believe he can do a great job helping students discover what they want to do and how to achieve their goals! There needs to be more adults like Matthew who are willing to focus on the kids and support them!

Thank you Truman! It was truly inspiring to meet both you and Josh. You both understand the value in building off of who you are towards your future. Young people like you ARE our future! Every child has a special gift, talent, and competency to express to the world, and a dream to pursue which will bring meaning to their life and value to others in our community! @matthew4schools

Meeting Mathew was unexpected, but very much a blessing. Being a high-school And middle school wrestling coach who is working towards a teaching degree, it was inspiring to hear someone so passionate about students of all ages. Talking with him gave me more hope about the future of our educational system. He should be a major part of the future culture of our schools!

Josh, I really can’t tell you how proud I am of young men like you! Your commitment and desire to build up others around you shows your strength and character. WOW, how contagious that is! You will do great things for many students that will look up to you and learn from you and remember the substance you taught for a lifetime. Go big my friend, you and your colleague Truman!

I never answer my door. But one Saturday day, for some reason, I did and met Matthew. I do not like politics or politicians; not sure if school board people fit in with that group but I know they do have to fight them. I like how Matthew thinks. He has forward-thinking ideas and gives me the feeling that he will fight for those ideas. America’s school system is in big trouble. When the “so-called” bleeding hearts of this country took away the power from adults to provide discipline and structure, they essentially gave the power to the children and have created a nightmare. Adults are afraid to take control for fear of judicial punishment. Children should not be running the show! Children need guidance, discipline, nurturing and encouragement even if they don’t think they do. Parents put down your cell phones and interact with your kids. Show them you care or move over and deal with the consequences of angry, uneducated, disrespectful and unmotivated children who will one day be in control of the country we live in. We need real education, not just testing but life skills as well as the basic reading, writing, arithmetic and science. Give the teachers the power to “teach” from their hearts–not based on what Washington DC dictates. We must teach the young people the meaning of respect, self-respect, humility and dignity to help them become good and productive citizens who can get this country back on track. We need to help them figure out who their best selves are so they can be successful in their lives and be able to help others achieve the same thing.

Karen thank you, I believe many people in the community agree with your sentiment. Without well-rounded, well academically educated and emotionally mature students with service oriented attitude of character, our children and their futures face a deficit and the community faces a hardship. Our children deserve a great and complete education; one that includes compassion and real life skills infused with real self effacing value and meaning transcending the school walls into our community with a spirit of love, honor and respect for a fellow man regardless of diversity. We can do this by untying the hands of our teachers and providing programs to teach the student about themselves, their future and their character. Together we prepare kids for life! Purpose + belief = future

I met Matthew today and what a blessing I tell you. We spoke on a lot of things this morning about the truth, responsibilities, faith, understanding others, respect and so much more…. but when we talked about what he wanted to do for the kids in the community, it touched my heart so I’m here to say keep on doing the good and may God be with you every step of the way brother.

Clifton, you likewise encouraged my heart today! With all the troubles in the world and the spinning void of hate, fear, and selfishness that only wishes, like a vacumm, to devour us all, and deceive each one (as we discussed)to confuse and drive us all apart, it was great to talk to you and I’m proud to know you are my brother of hope. True unity is of one spirit, transcending one heart to the next and much deeper than ethnicity or skin color! Some people as we discussed just don’t understand until they open up and experience this for themselves. There is but one ally of hope, driven by love, understanding, honor and respect and we are not fighting a battle defined by an organ that protects our hearts from microbes, but one of heart! May God also be with you, Clifton, you are an example of a good, strong, inspirational person and our community is blessed to have your wisdom and encouragement always available at the needed time! Thank you for being you.

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